Today is particular honor for me because MIEA had provided an networking platform to support our Indian students who are planning to study abroad.

It's my fundamental belief that we need to support and motivate our brothers and sisters to reach great heights in their life through education. Education is really an powerful tool which can help you to reach your goal.

Those who are preparing for studying Masters, you need to know that GERMANY is providing a free education to the students.

We are glad to guide our students to get admission at a GERMAN UNIVERSITIES which offers FREE EDUCATION OR A LESS PAID EDUCATION AT GERMANY.

Students who plan to study abroad or who have got admission from GERMAN Universities can count on Miea's support for the Blocked Account Process and their living expenses, which can cost up to 11208 Euros (monthly 934 Euros).

I will be honest with you about the challenges you face in getting admission. I will listen to you especially when someone disagrees to you that you can't, above all I will ask you to train yourself better remaking yourself and building up more confidence in you to make the can't to be can.

Now I would like to share you the valuable information which will be more essential and useful for you to apply to German Universities and get admission.

The first and foremost important things you need to do is.

Selection of Program depending upon your interest and your CGPA.

At this point I would like to really Thank DAAD (DEUTSCHER AKADEMISCHER AUSTAUSCHDIENST) GERMANY ACADEMIC EXCHANGE. for creating an user-friendly and exclusive website for selecting universities according to the wish of the student in English.

There are more than 400 universities in Germany which offers variety of programs in Masters.

There are Technical universities and Fachhochschule (university of applied science).

To make it simple and short, TU is more research oriented and provides a very theoretical knowledge on the subjects. On the other hand, Applied Sciences or FH is focused on practical knowledge industry or corporate oriented studies.

With a TU degree, you are eligible to pursue Doctorate Degree provided your grades and profile is strong while with FH degree, generally you can not pursue with your Doctorate Degree but only with some special profile and conditions, you can pursue it.

Students from different education background can choose programs according to their needs.

Programs offered are.

Engineering, Management (MBA)U.G + work experience+Fees, MS/Msc in management free of cost no work experience needed. Banking & Finance, sports management, International Management and law.

Now let me come to the important thing most of our parents ask to the students.

what's the world ranking of the university which you are going to study.

Simple reply you can give . The each and every university in GERMANY are unique by itself and you have different programs in different universities.

AND GERMANY UNIVERSITIES ARE LISTED UNDER CHE RANKING (CENTRE FOR HIGHER EDUCATION) you can register for free and select your program and it will help you to choose the university and provide you the ranking details.

Learning German Language A1 & A2 level will be definitely very useful for our students who are going to study masters in Germany. German Language may not be required for your studies. But for your SOCIAL STAND POINT it is very essential and important. When you get out of the aircraft you really need to know German.

Few of the universities offer on campus courses for German Language to the Students. As Learning German language for Indian Students is so easy. Because we come from an multicultural, multilingual background its really easy to understand and speak German language with the basic knowledge in Foundation of Language.

Eligibility Criteria for Master Program.

1. Four years Bachelor degree, 70% & above marks, LOR, SOP, IELTS, German Language A1 /A2.

2. People who had completed 3 years Bachelor Degree can do 1 year course in India or extra course.

3. There are no age limit to study in Germany.

Applying to German universities:

1. Application Process.

2. First know the application Dead line.

3. Plan a year in Advance.

4. GRE/GMAT not Pan Germany.

Winter Semester : Sep/ Oct. (Deadline : 1st Feb to July 15th) Need to submit the documents one month in advance.

Summer Semester: March / April (Smaller intake).

Blocked Account: 8700/- Deutsch Bank, Kotak Mahindra or Fintiba.

Post study: stay back 1.5 years but students benefits would be waved off.

Part time Job: 120 Full days or 240 Half Days.

Residence Permit: 2 year consecutive worked and paid social service ---EU Blue card.