Overseas Education leading to Work Visa and Permanent residency – Educational Excellence, High Rate of Employment and Good Income Potential with Excellent Work Environment attracts the top placement & settlement experts. students from across the globe. Outstanding academic standing and resources of the Universities in the developed countries make sure that you get the most from your experience in an international education institute. We help students get study visa in Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Switzerland & Cyprus.

Today all these countries prefer individual with international education to settle in their country. A minimum of one year study is crucial to get a Work Permit which leads to Permanent Residency.

Are you not there in the list of Priority Occupation List of Canada? How does that matter?
You would still qualify to get Canadian Permanent Residency.

Yes, It's Possible.

As you are making 67 points, but still not there in the approved list of Occupations, you have three options to qualify for Permanent Residency to Canada. The applicants who are making 67 points can go to Canada in a few months as International Student for 1 year (2 semesters) course in Canada with assistance of MIEA. After the completion of Course, the applicant would be eligible for Permanent Residency that would be handled by MIEA. Those who are not making 67 points they can get benefited through Canadian experience. Under this category, applicant can go to Canada for 1 year (2 semesters) study and then he would be provided Post Graduate Work Permit for 2 years that would enable him to get Permanent Residency with assistance of MIEA. Or the applicant can go on 2 years study in Canada and thereafter on completion of Post Graduate Work Permit, the applicants would be eligible for Permanent Residency.

An immigration application can be seen as an investment in the life and future of your family and loved ones. Let’s assume that you, your spouse and sponsored relatives find good work opportunities in Australia each earning about $ 40,000 – 200,000 annually. Collectively, you will have the chance to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly. You can achieve all his by simply taking the first step towards gaining an immigration visa. The small fee you pay an immigration expert to handle your case is probably the best investment you’ll ever make. When you delay the decision to immigrate, you are actually losing money. Should you decide, don’t wait, for every month that you remain in your native country, considering immigration but not taking action, you are losing approx $5000 per month per earning member.

  • Business Immigration

    With the world revolutionizing into a global village, distances are shrinking and breaking of trade barriers with advancement in technology has created a phenomenal demand for potential businessmen worldwide. Developed countries like Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore,Denmark,Ukraine and Czech offer excellent opportunities to attract potential investors to establish new business or expand/diversify their existing business.

  • Work Permit

    Interested in working abroad? Well you can’t just hop on a plane for any country and start looking for a paid job. To work would be illegal without a work permit, which you cannot acquire without a job offer. We may help you to get a job offer from foreign employers and can file your case for Work Visa.

  • Visitor Visa

    Visitor Visa is for applicants who intend to travel to Canada, Australia, Europe, UK, New Zealand or anywhere across the world as tourists. The visitor visa or Temporary Resident Permit (TRV) is country specific and may be for single entry, multiple entry or transit purposes. Generally, visitor visas may be granted for a renewable period of 6 months.


  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Preparation of Client’s File
  • Interview Preparation (where required)
  • Providing orientation session regarding that particular country and its life-style
  • Personal Guidance for updating your profile.
  • Formalities at Port of Entry.
  • Airport pickup
  • Stay at Nominal Cost
  • Assistance for post landing documentation and extensive job search / placement assistance.


  • Recognition of dual citizenship
  • Live and work in any skill
  • Citizenship benefits to permanent residents
  • Medical, education and social benefits
  • Basic health care free
  • Education up to Secondary level free
  • Very small tuition fee for Post Secondary Education
  • Unemployment allowance after certain period.