Education @ UK Universities

The UK is eminent for its strong research infrastructure. It undertakes 5 per cent of the world’s scientific research. The teaching and study methodology in UK provides the freedom of being creative and developing the necessary skill set. UK universities rank among the best in the world and offer recognized degrees. It is an ideal place for developing English language skills and enhancing employment prospects. It also offers a flexible education system that suits the student’s lifestyle and career aspirations. The UK has a lot to offer to international students as compared to other English-speaking countries.

Why study in UK?

UK offers degrees that are recognized by employers, governments, and universities. Earning a degree from UK’s highly regarded universities will aid your career progression. The master’s degree usually lasts for one year which is shorter than the duration in other countries. UK has produced many of the world’s greatest thinkers and leaders. It is known for its multicultural diversity. Historic monuments, castles and countless sites of historical interest can be visited while studying in the UK. The UK is rich in art and entertainment having several internationally-acclaimed creative industries.

UK at a Glance

UK experiences warm summers and cool winters. The rolling green hills and countryside scenery of UK is enthralling. The popular cities in UK are London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Westminster. It is a hot spot for history-enthusiasts. The cities of UK offer an amalgam of historical buildings and modern design. There are a lot of castles, museums and specially curated art galleries. Music is a big part of the UK culture along with dance. It is one of the most popular destinations in the world and is a place of diverse cultures.

UK Education Cost

The estimated cost of living in the UK is from £7,000 to £9,000. The cost depends on the university that you are applying to and the average cost for the undergraduate courses is £11, 400 per annum. For postgraduate it is £12, 200 per annum. The cost of doctoral degree is £13, 000 per annum.

Popular Universities

  1. University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  2. University of Birmingham, Birmingham
  3. Newcastle University, Newcastle
  4. University of Liverpool, Liverpool
  5. University of Leicester, Leicester