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  • Education counseling

    The right educational counselling is the cornerstone of any successful career. At MIEA , we strive towards guiding and counselling every candidate on one to one basis from the start till the end. Rendering advice on appropriate timelines for planning and equipping them with the qualifications required to fulfil their goals.

  • Visa Processing Guidelines

    The key to legal transition overseas is visa . This stage undeniably causes anxiety to many , however following the mere discipline of every country’s regulations helps you obtain the most valued stamp on your passport - the visa!

    With up-to-date information on governmental rules and regulations,

    MIEA has 90% success rate
    in Visa Process Assistance.

    Our expertise will undertake end-to-end services from requisite documents furnishing to appointment fixation and help you with interview mock sessions to help you get your sure shot visa.

  • Financial Aids & Assistance

    The most frequently asked questions fall under ‘Financial Aids & Assistance’. Hence we have developed solutions by collaborating with a number of banks both national and private offering various types of loans with or without collaterals .

    On the other hand , there are a basket full of options on winning a scholarship ,in-college financial assistance , internship programs,etc . By understanding this aspect, we leverage the full potential of benefits to give you the best possible solution for your programme.

  • IELTS/TOEFL Training

    Certified English Tests is a must for International Study . MIEA offers training and book materials to equip you to ace the exams easily at affordable prices.

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  • Language Labs – German/Italian/France

    Languages become a necessity with applying in certain countries. While this mandate is conveyed during the counseling sessions, we have an in-house language lab with professional teachers to provide language educations with flexible schedules .

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MIEA Language Training Centre

German Language